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Jay French - director

"I am Freeride New Zealand."

This is a chance for me to share a sample of some of the projects that I've worked on, creating top level, exclusive and visually stunning images with a range of athletes and riders, here in New Zealand and around the world. Great imagery is so important, and I'm lucky to work with a host of awesome companies and brands, telling their stories.
At the end of the day, I LOVE working when this is my job.

Do you have a project, need new content, want exclusive photography, or want to collaborate?


When the job calls for more than one set of hands, we call in the big guns...

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"The big dog."

When you need your content looking like a million bucks, we call Jono. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, with 12 years experience, Jono brings with him a wealth of knowledge and the ability to get shit done. When he's not chasing bikes or riding them, Jono can be found filming all sorts of content, from the Olympics for Sky Sport through to Grand Designs here in NZ. Known throughout the mountain biking industry as the man behind the 'Local Knowledge' (LKTV) series, Jono knows his craft. His skill behind the camera, and his sense of humour make him a welcome addition to any project.