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As consumers, we’re currently going through a time of change. The way we consume media is changing. Traditional channels such as TV, radio, and print media are being replaced with on demand streaming, tailored content and social media. We’re increasingly moving to mobile, and we’ve got more choice than ever before over what we see.

In this new world of consumerism, content is king. Traditional adverts, pop-ups, and video adverts no longer hold the same effect they once did. Consumers will close pop ups, skip ads and run ad blockers to get rid of these advertisements. Pre-roll ads, and pop-ups degrade the viewing experience, when the consumer really wants to get to the content that interests them.

There is an answer though. Be the content that interests them.

New Zealand is without question one of the world’s most beautiful countries. An outdoor lover’s paradise. New Zealand is the perfect place to enjoy a huge range of adventure sports, from hiking, biking, skiing and snowboarding to white-water rafting, kayaking and surfing.

At FRNZ, our focus is on providing a full service media offering for extreme sports, outdoor and adventure industries, and for those wanting to associate with New Zealand and the outdoor spirit. Our goal is to provide authentic, engaging content for brands or businesses wanting to leverage the amazing destinations that New Zealand has to offer. We can provide photography, film and writing, we can scout locations, liaise with athletes and much more.

  • We’re able to take on your unique logistical challenges and we will do whatever’s necessary to get your job done. Our on-the-ground knowledge and expertise puts you in the driving seat, allowing you to free up your time and focus on your core business and what you need to achieve.

  • We will do anything we can for our you and your brand, from the initial discussion to the end product. We can create bespoke itineraries, liaise with athletes and models, create the desired content, and present you with a visually stunning product which you love, which is within your budget.

  • We’re able to create authentic content for brands not directly involved in the adventure market, but who want to be involved, or associate with action sports, or the great outdoors of New Zealand.

  • We love working with new or developing brands, and businesses, breaking into the NZ market by providing our local knowledge, our contacts, and offering access to our platform and audience.

  • We know what its like to work in the great outdoors of New Zealand, how the weather can throw up challenge after challenge. We know how to best get the desired results from time spent in the New Zealand back country, what to plan for and what to avoid.

  • We can work with established in-house media teams as well, facilitating their trips, offering ground support, and transport options. We’ve got first hand experience working all over New Zealand and can even provide a spare set of hands if needed.

  • Our passports are ready, and we're happy to work with you anywhere in the world. We have plenty of experience working overseas, and we're ready to travel if needed.


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