MONS ROYALE - Crankworx Innsbruck 2017 Coverage


Full Coverage of the Inaugural Crankworx Innsbruck event, including film and photography. 

International event coverage for one of my favourite Kiwi bands. This job meant flying to Germany (it's cheaper - saves money for the client) taking a train to Innsbruck, and capturing this event for the Mons crew. This one was a big one for Mons, being their premiere sponsored bike event outside of New Zealand, there had to be a big presence, not only in person but online. I was there to capture everything from setup, to parties. 

I was on hand to create content from every facet of the event. Set-up day, each and every Mons installation, activation, meeting, activity or event. Aside from that, also content from every planned race, or event, Whip-Off, Dual Speed & Style, Pump Track, Slopestyle, and Downhill. Given the geography of the event site, this meant a mad amount of organising, getting from place to place to cover practice, racing, prizegiving and lifestyle. I was tasked with getting images for all platforms, Instagram, Instagram stories, Facebook, website, and newsletter blasts, with a super fast turn around so images could be out day of event. I could be found on my laptop on trains, in cars and at restaurants making sure that the crew back in New Zealand had what they needed before they needed it. 

Mons was great, making me feel like part of the team, helping me to get where I needed, and making sure that I stayed fed and hydrated, through a week of 30 degree plus days. The first Crankworx Innsbruck went off, Mons was looking superb up on the hill and I was there to capture it! 

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